Aura - Fate of the Ages
Adventure games, as you might have noticed, are not the strongest side of our section. We can somehow cope with the bright, mass things intended for the mass player, but…

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What lies in our single-disk version on our shelves is no more than once again the client part of the next global multi-user project. Do not be disappointed ahead of…

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Battle for Troy
The Battle of Troy is a cute little strategic game based on the notorious Trojan War, when the Greeks clashed with the Trojans, and in the center of the conflict…

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Which determines

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Crashday game review

And what developers did not promise … In general, I advise you to bypass it. But today it will be a completely different game. The name of this game can be translated into Russian as “Day of Accidents.” Let’s see how reality corresponds to the name. And so, we meet today’s guest – the game “Crashday”.
Crashday game

System requirements

The game can be classified as a game with low resource intensity. Of the features – 1Gb of hard disk space and installed DirectX 9.0c.

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War Times

Despite the fact that the publisher is the well-known edition of Strategy First smart toys – the young developer of War Times (and this is the Spanish company Legend Studios) decided to play it safe with its pilot product, so to speak, and released … almost a remake of Warcraft II, only in modern graphics , in the world of the Second World War, and with a serious sauce from Command & Conquer elements.
That is, deju-vu concrete arises, up to the sensations of the minimap and the principles of constructing arena maps 🙂 That is, everyone hoping for the next “realistic” RTS – the turn is concrete from the gate: the game is extremely conditional (although this is not a reason to send her into oblivion). One spectacle of German workers, gnawing in the Continue reading

Cultures 3: Northland

Сultures is probably the classic German series of military-economic strategy. The previous two experiments allowed to bring the game to almost perfection in each of its aspects. The series in certain circles is recognized, “correct”, remarkably expressing the German view of the game life – and in it our European neighbors, as you know, “go their own way”, preferring not to copy overseas stereotypes, but to invent the original. Today we will talk about the game as if from scratch, because we hope to find new fans for it. The old ones are unlikely to find anything in it, except for a new plot and “general improvement in everything” 🙂

The most correct, in our opinion, analogy, suitable for the third Cultures, is a “simulator of a medieval village.” Continue reading

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No Man's Land: Fight for Your Rights!
For some strange reason - perhaps due to a strange name and a very unpretentious cover (although the image on it allows you to clearly separate it from the most…


Warlords Battlecry III
Warlords Battlecry is coming back to us for the third time - and this is probably one of the unique cases in the gaming industry, when for the third time…


High-quality voice acting is the key to immersion in gaming reality
The computer game industry has been developing for several decades. During this time, virtual visualization technologies have come a long way from the simplest 2D animation, with square men and…


ShellShock: Nam'67
From the screenshots, we smiled at the heads stuck on the stakes, and advertising texts promised to flood the monitors with the blood of innocent victims. Colossal cruelty, shocking realism…