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EDimensional G-Pad Pro gyroscopic feedback controller

Briefly, according to the technical characteristics, the following can be stated: two vibration motors will not let your hands relax, as the effect promises to be very strong. A large number of controls, both analog and digital, will not touch the keyboard and mouse even in the most complex games, but we’ll talk about the gyro sensor. In the meantime, let’s look at the joystick from different angles.
g-pad pro
EDimensional G-Pad Pro Gamepad

So, first we’ll look, so to speak, at the front of the joystick, where the main controls are concentrated. The cross controls the movement under the thumb of the left hand, the firing button, two analog mini-joysticks and buttons for switching the joystick operation mode. Since the joystick is compact enough, the mini-joysticks are too close to each other. If you put your thumbs on top of them and push each other, then the thumbs will abut each other. The sensitivity of analog mini-joysticks varies depending on the degree of deviation – the stronger you reject, the sharper the action that is performed in the game. True, perhaps they have too strong a spring, so that after a long game, your fingers may get tired, but this already depends on the strength of each player individually.

In the central part of the front panel there are two small programmable buttons, sensitivity buttons and a large transparent button with LED backlight. It temporarily blocks the gyro sensor, so you can calibrate it, set the zero position. Almost all of these buttons except “11” and “12” are easily accessible and can be pressed without touching the mini-joysticks. So it’s better to program the most rarely used functions on these small buttons.

Four more numeric buttons are located under the index fingers. The lower buttons are noticeably wider and have small protrusions on the upper edge, so that it is easier to distinguish them by touch. The progress of these buttons is large, and the clicks are clear.

Joystick vibrator motors eDimensional G-Pad Pro

The joystick is uncomplicated, and inside we clearly see two electric motors, one in each handle of the case. A rather weighty eccentric is installed on the axis of each motor. With all this, the motors themselves are wrapped in foam so as not to rattle around the body. By the way, both motors work at the same time, and cannot be switched on separately if your race car, let’s say, “sided” on the left or on the right.
Gyro sensor

A gyroscopic sensor in the joystick is installed in order to determine the angle of the gamepad in space and give the player another method of control over the game. By turning and tilting the G-Pad Pro in space, you can make your virtual car turn left and right, tilt the wings of an airplane, or move your virtual character along gloomy corridors.

Gyro in joystick eDimensional G-Pad Pro

However, the gyroscopic sensor calculates only two axes – it allows you to track tilts up, down, left and right, but does not allow you to determine the rotation of the joystick around the vertical axis – this is not required for the vast majority of games.

In some ways, thanks to the built-in gyroscopic sensor, the G-Pad Pro gamepad can act as a car steering wheel for racing, and in some ways, the role of a helm for flight simulators. And for arcade games in which you cannot find the application of a gyroscopic sensor, you can turn it off. It was not possible to get to the gyroscopic sensor inside the joystick body, so we cannot show you what it looks like.
Installation and use
g-pad pro
Drivers for the joystick are supplied, on an 8-cm CD. Surprisingly, there are no drivers for the joystick on the edimensional.com website: neither new nor old.

Configuring G-Pad Pro drivers

The G-Pad Pro joystick configuration utility allows you to enable the computer mouse emulation mode to be controlled in the toy menu without resorting to a tailed rodent, you can test the feedback effect here and adjust its power so that the vibration is felt, but does not prevent you from continuing to control the game.

Also, for each button, you can program one button, in case the game does not have native support for gamepads. There is only one keyboard or mouse button on each gamepad, you cannot set up a sequence of clicks or simultaneously press several buttons.

Configuring G-Pad Pro drivers

But in the same way, you can adjust the buttons to tilt the joystick in different planes. Surely not yet games will soon support gyroscopic gamepads.

In general, there’s nothing more to say about the settings – it’s time to check out the eDimensional G-Pad Pro in action.
Impressions and Conclusions

The main testing of the eDimensional G-Pad Pro gamepad was done in the recently released Need For Speed ​​Carbon game.

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