Ground Control II
Recent gaming times on PCs have not been marked by an abundance of strategies. First-person shooters - as many as you want. 3d action even more. But strategies are few.…

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What lies in our single-disk version on our shelves is no more than once again the client part of the next global multi-user project. Do not be disappointed ahead of…

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Hitman: Blood Money
A game like Hitman requires no introduction. This game attracts players thanks to its addictive gameplay. A simple task - to “remove the victim”, can drag on for several hours…

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Crime Life: Gang Wars

You guessed it, the main focus of the game is on fights. And the emphasis is not pretty bad. If the limit of perfection for you is Mortal Kombat, then you can continue to play shogu. Here, everything is completely different. The standard WSAD control key combination, two mouse buttons (punch + super punch), shift (block) and spacebar (special punch) are all that you need. You don’t need a mouse directly in battle, because it is needed to change the direction of movement, and in a fight, WSAD is enough for this. By the way, the camera in the game is just awful. This is especially evident when trying to go out / go into the premises, and if you are close to the wall. The movement of the mouse leads to an inadequate reaction of the camera and, in fact, you get even more confused. If the camera was made as in GTA, then the fights would not be so spectacular. So you have to put up.

So about the fights. Striking, Tre over time becomes more angry, which adds to his reactions and specials. strokes. Under the red strip of life, a yellow strip of three parts accumulates. Accumulating parts, you can do specials. blows. If there are two parts, then you can either do a weak special twice. hit, or once strong. The latter consists of a series of strokes that takes a significant part of life, and in most cases is fatal to the enemy. To the right of the word RAGE is a hit counter that displays the number of hits you hit. The counter is reset every time you get hit. For some reason, in the game it (the counter) is called COMBO. Although, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with a real combo. However, sometimes you come across tasks in the style of “type a combo of 80 hits.” So try to hit 80 strokes without getting yourself on the head.

Mortal Strike of a Character in Crime Life: Gang Wars

^^ Mortal Strike ^^

Also, using the space bar, you can perform fatal strikes – when the enemy does not have much life left, a shard appears above him, which means that by pressing the space bar you can make the final series of strokes. The last blow will also transform the picture for the effect 🙂

Graphics and graffiti in the game Crime Life: Gang Wars

^^ Everyone’s favorite graffiti ^^

You can draw graffiti, which has a special place in the game. A secondary goal is to search for graffiti of enemy gangs in all corners of the city and sketch them with their “fingerprint”. There are three graffiti sizes in the game, each drawing of which takes an appropriate amount of time and paint (which is available in unlimited quantities).

Crime Life: Gang Wars character

^^ There are many main characters in the game that you need to know in person ^^

Carrying out missions and gaining trust, blood friends gradually join us. Over time, it will be possible to run with three or four strong guys who will help in the fight and support the conversation 🙂

As I said, the city is divided into territories, each of which belongs to one of the three gangs. On enemy territory, you will never see members of the third gang, but you can meet your own. Unfortunately, it is useless to engage in amateur activities in this matter. Until the corresponding mission appears, it will not be possible to capture the enemy territory, even there is a kill for all enemies. Alas, these are the rules of the game, otherwise some missions would not make sense.

Area map in Crime Life: Gang Wars

^^ Map of one of the districts ^^

There are four main locations in the city, and several small ones (mainly gang residences). You can move around the city on your own, or on the subway. The city is relatively small, but for such a game the most. If the city was larger, traveling to the next point of the mission would be long and uninteresting. It is frustrating that it is impossible to use auto-transport in the game, although civilians and police calmly drive around the city, occasionally knocking down arrogant pedestrians. It’s good that there are no accidents.

Gangster showdown with shootout in Crime Life: Gang Wars

^^ It seems I have come to an end ^^

The game has a very extravagant way to get rid of the police. A player can have three degrees of wantedness. At the first, the police met rushes into a fight, but does not call for reinforcements, the first degree disappears over time. The second means an increased interest of the police in your death, which is expressed in a large number of “cops”, sometimes armed with firearms. The third degree means that you are the most popular person in the city, otherwise why are so many people in uniform (including special forces) ready to chase you around the clock and find you out of the ground? 🙂 The second and third degrees can be “thrown off” if you kill 10 representatives of the law (when the corresponding icon appears on the screen). After killing the tenth, the police decide to leave you alone. No relation to reality. Another fact is also surprising – enemy gangs can be kneaded in batches, even in front of the police, they won’t even lift a finger. But if you hit a passerby at least once, the first degree of wantedness will immediately appear. These are the laws in this strange city.

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