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Virtual addiction child

Computer games are not unsuccessfully luring modern children into their networks. For some of them, the game becomes a major passion in life. And the child penetrates deep into the space of virtual reality, while forgetting about everything in the world. Computer addiction can be attributed to illness, and parents are not in vain worried about this problem.

Having received unlimited access to a computer, children tend to spend every free moment with it, replacing walks in the fresh air and entertainment with friends by communicating with a virtual friend.

Inevitably, such a hobby affects the behavior of the child, his health and school performance. Also, the gamer cannot realize the severity of his condition.
Reasons for the development of gaming addiction
Computer addiction can most often be explained by certain personality traits. Usually, addiction is characteristic of those children who in real life have difficulty communicating. As a rule, these children have low self-esteem and are unsure of themselves. The haunting feeling of loneliness and attempts to assert oneself push the child in the network of virtual space. Only here can a child become what he wants.

Also, one of the common causes is an unfavorable home environment, when relations between parents and a child are strained.

Other reasons for the development of computer addiction are the mild excitability of the child’s nervous system, weak volitional capabilities and excitement. The game, one way or another, leads to a surge of adrenaline in the child’s blood, a habit is formed, he seeks to repeat such feelings.

According to psychologists, gambling develops only in those children who have certain prerequisites. This group of children includes those who in reality are experiencing problems associated with psychology of varying severity. These are those children who did not find meaning in real life, but easily found it in a virtual one. And they lose their sense of time, plunging into this world, casting life’s problems into the background.

It is a pity that the meaning of computer games often comes down to cruelty. Eliminating virtual opponents, the plot is filled with a fight, shooting, bloodshed. Thus, the fragile psyche of a child involuntarily enters the image of a hero. The child begins to get used to the fact that problems can be solved by using physical force and rudeness. As a result, aggression and rudeness are inevitably formed. Difficulties arise in relations with teachers, peers and parents who are not ready to understand and share his virtual hobby. The child becomes closed, or finds like-minded people who also depend on gambling addiction.

There are several known symptoms of gambling addiction. Firstly, it is easy to notice that contact with a computer causes positive emotions in a child that are close to euphoria. Secondly, playing, the child ceases to control time, forgets about business, about food. Communication with loved ones is minimized. When a child is limited in his ability to play, he turns into an irritated and embittered person in front of his eyes, and depressive states are not ruled out.

How to overcome this problem? Any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. From the very beginning of using a computer, parents should accustom their children to the idea that a computer, like a TV, can only be accessed in a controlled manner. Parents should pay attention to the games the child plays. Games that carry the propaganda of cruelty, violence, debauchery must be completely excluded.

If the problem is already obvious, you must begin to deal with it as soon as possible. By the way, the younger the child, the easier it is to wean him from computer addiction. To begin with, you should establish contact with the child. Take an interest in his personal hobbies, problems and deeds.

Most likely, the child himself realizes that his virtual hobby dragged him on, but he cannot afford to get out of computer networks on his own.

The first step to solving the problem should be the complete exclusion of contact with the computer. You must not compromise. At first, the child will cease to cope with his own emotions, will be angry with his parents, behavior will change for the worse. He will try to find access to his hobby with the help of friends and game clubs. You need to be patient. Be open, communicate with the child, explain to him that all these prohibitions are only for his well-being.

It is necessary to enthrall the child with something so that he ceases to feel the former emptiness. Carefully consider the daily routine so that the child does not have free time for idleness. You can try to enroll in a section or circle.

If it is completely impossible to exclude communication with a computer, try to arouse the child’s interest in various development programs, etc. The virtual world can bring not only harm, but also benefit if you approach it wisely.

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