Video game mania

Freedom Fighters
The epic of success of the concept of "romantic revolutionaries" continues :) For the first time, maybe in recent years - in the form of a real high-budget, made excellently…

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Simulator of everything
The success story of Maxis studio began back in 1989 with the release of the first version of SimCity. The idea of ​​the game of endless construction was born by…

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Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol
The game is a kind of adaptation of his testimony before the tribunal. As part of a cunningly twisted story, Alpha Black Zero managed to shoot a lot of high-ranking…

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Legacy of Kain: Defiance

LoKD turned out to be a great New Year present – both in the literal sense of the word and in quotation marks. In the literal sense – because it is a powerful, high-quality game, worthy of the most lively curiosity, and for most gamers – and the passage. In quotation marks – because at the end of the second level the game crashes into the system decisively and completely. All gaming forums are full of complaints about this problem – but at least a patch has been found, and we’ll even provide a link to it here, saving someone from possible torture. However, it is possible that by the time the review of this review is somewhat late for the New Year, an already improved version will appear on sale.

It’s worth acquiring it, if only for the sake of a magnificent story – a rare other game, and in particular 3d action, boasts a similar one. Fans of many previous games of this universe, even without any of our Continue reading

Chaos legion

CL – a game, prefixed to the bone marrow. There she was born, there she will gather the bulk of fans, there she even looks and plays better – in connection with which we offer our interested people a read in the section of our site devoted to games for Playstation-2 (there it will appear in the coming days). Here we will confine ourselves to a small review of its essence. Because, for the picky taste of a PC gamer, a thing can be felt as very, very ambiguous – although this is one of the few products that allow using the “PC only one” to touch the world of console action, as it is, and not some, but original Japanese, because the developer is the legendary Capcom. Continue reading

The Hobbit

It’s interesting, of course, how computer game building patterns prevail over the prototypes that they use to identify well-known brands and good memories 🙂 Could Tolkien, thinking up his halflings, think that one day someone will encounter Champions created on their basis , Lionhearted by slingers, with a Fire Blade, an adamant weapon, under the leadership of Thorin the Chosen with a leadership of 4 and blessed by the archangel “(a famous joke from the Universe Master of Magic)? How would he perceive the ruthless hobbits killers alone stacking stacks of armored Uruk Hay in Return of the King? Or, moreover, Frodo as an immortal military hero, who is leading the gnome detachments on combat campaigns, while improving his / her battle qualities (War of the Ring)? 🙂 However, all this today is a reality, as young Bilbo Baggins has just become a reality, according to the ideas of the next creation of Vivendi, he is a noble fighter and a magnificent thief in one person (although, if you think about it, the original book did Continue reading

Perfect MMORPG

Which MMORPG fans did not dream of a perfect online role-playing game, where everything would be done well and right? It is good that sometimes there are daredevils who are not limited to only dreams.

Gavan Woolery, the author of the Genesis project, conceived something truly extraordinary: a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where a considerable part of the content would be created by the players themselves, and the word “role-playing” would be returned to its original meaning.

Perfect MMORPG

Genesis is currently in an early stage of development, but something of interest has already been done. Firstly, these are the outline of game mechanics, and secondly, a significant part of the graphics engine.

The setting is not original here: the traditional fantasy Middle Ages. Continue reading

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword is the third game in a series of wonderful adventures that have not gone unnoticed by almost all PC players. Despite the fact that the first two episodes pleased us already in the distant 1996 and 1997 – the brand had a strong reputation, and the 6 years it took to transition the game in 3D didn’t bother anyone. As a result, the game today can be found on almost any counter, unlike its most serious competitor, probably today – Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. Which, in our opinion, is at least strange – because Uru is not only magnificent, but also a direct heir to Myst.

But you can be glad that on two discs Broken Sword – at least, it seems, is a complete game, and not cutting from a Continue reading

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