Video game mania

Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
"Generals" - of course everyone knows. The caustic and somewhat fair criticism from "experienced strategists", accusing the C&C series of primitive game mechanics and the lack of conceptual progress -…

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Battle for Troy
The Battle of Troy is a cute little strategic game based on the notorious Trojan War, when the Greeks clashed with the Trojans, and in the center of the conflict…

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Ground Control II
Recent gaming times on PCs have not been marked by an abundance of strategies. First-person shooters - as many as you want. 3d action even more. But strategies are few.…

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EDimensional G-Pad Pro gyroscopic feedback controller

Briefly, according to the technical characteristics, the following can be stated: two vibration motors will not let your hands relax, as the effect promises to be very strong. A large number of controls, both analog and digital, will not touch the keyboard and mouse even in the most complex games, but we’ll talk about the gyro sensor. In the meantime, let’s look at the joystick from different angles.
g-pad pro
EDimensional G-Pad Pro Gamepad

So, first we’ll look, so to speak, at the front of the joystick, where the main controls are concentrated. The cross controls the movement under the thumb of the left hand, the firing button, two analog mini-joysticks and buttons for switching the joystick operation mode. Since the joystick is compact enough, the Continue reading

Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

Two completely similar, quite classic in form, but atypical in content, role-playing films with ethnic color suddenly fell upon PC users: Blade & Sword takes the player to the world of legends of Ancient China, and Anito, being the product of the authors, definitely originates from somewhere in the Pacific Islands – it unfolds a bizarre fantasy based on a mixture of local legends and historical events related to the colonization of this piece of the world (most likely, the Spaniards – but at the same time, on the other hand, most likely, China).

The persistence of developers around the world in the steady repetition of one and the same pattern makes us directly suggest the existence of a whole army of gamers on the planet who are addicted to one certain type of product: dynamic Diablo-style RPG. Propagated in a wide variety of manifestations: from Continue reading

Freedom Fighters

The epic of success of the concept of “romantic revolutionaries” continues 🙂 For the first time, maybe in recent years – in the form of a real high-budget, made excellently from beginning to end. The game, released both on the PC and on each of the modern top-end consoles – PS2, Gamecube, Xbox.
Freedom fighters
Of course, multiplatforms are usually not happy with PC-drivers, but this time there is nothing to worry about: neither the graphics nor the interface make discounts on prefix roots. That’s just the multiplayer did not have time to do, although they promised (on the consoles it is in their usual, truncated form). What a pity, because to go through such a campaign in a cooperative – prices would not be a pleasure 🙂

Freedom Fighters have chosen for themselves the most “right” of all possible forms of revolutionary Continue reading

Virtual addiction child

Computer games are not unsuccessfully luring modern children into their networks. For some of them, the game becomes a major passion in life. And the child penetrates deep into the space of virtual reality, while forgetting about everything in the world. Computer addiction can be attributed to illness, and parents are not in vain worried about this problem.

Having received unlimited access to a computer, children tend to spend every free moment with it, replacing walks in the fresh air and entertainment with friends by communicating with a virtual friend.

Inevitably, such a hobby affects the behavior of the child, his health and school performance. Also, the gamer cannot realize the severity of his condition. Continue reading

High-quality voice acting is the key to immersion in gaming reality

The computer game industry has been developing for several decades. During this time, virtual visualization technologies have come a long way from the simplest 2D animation, with square men and tanks, to the most complex simulation of nature and man in 3D space.

If earlier developers paid more attention to the plot, now the key direction of most projects has been the creation of the most realistic virtual world. The recent successes of projects such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dark Souls III and Call of Duty: WW2 have become another step towards creating simulations that Continue reading

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Crime Life: Gang Wars
You guessed it, the main focus of the game is on fights. And the emphasis is not pretty bad. If the limit of perfection for you is Mortal Kombat, then…


Cultures 3: Northland
Сultures is probably the classic German series of military-economic strategy. The previous two experiments allowed to bring the game to almost perfection in each of its aspects. The series in…


Hitman: Blood Money
A game like Hitman requires no introduction. This game attracts players thanks to its addictive gameplay. A simple task - to “remove the victim”, can drag on for several hours…


Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc
Jeanne is an excellent response to the “European way of gaming” in the action genre: bright, original, filled with many wonderful finds and creative rethinking. Made filigree - very thoughtful…