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Nitro Family
What is Nitro Family? More precisely - who is it? - since we all now know that in the real world this is such a single-disc game on our shelves…

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Blade and Sword
But this game - in general, lying in the same genre as the previous one - is just for those who are not interested in reading a lot of story…

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The Hobbit
It’s interesting, of course, how computer game building patterns prevail over the prototypes that they use to identify well-known brands and good memories :) Could Tolkien, thinking up his halflings,…

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Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol

The game is a kind of adaptation of his testimony before the tribunal. As part of a cunningly twisted story, Alpha Black Zero managed to shoot a lot of high-ranking government cones, for which Kyle was in the dock. By successfully completing the game and thus ending the fiery appearance in court, you will help Mr. Hardlow launder his name, restore justice, and extend the Alpha Black Zero division. A worthy goal, in general.
The game takes place on different planets and orbital stations, where simple colonists, mercenaries, and similar special units of the enemy confront a squad of seasoned professionals. We must pay tribute to the developers, the behavior of the first, second and third is different. So, ordinary militia colonists have a minimum of tactics, a rod with a weakly Continue reading

Codename Panzers: Phase One

Didn’t pay attention how simple everything was before? There were quite specific genres with their canons. All that was required for the production of a solid product was to strictly observe the necessary criteria. In the genre of real-time strategy, the latter was the mandatory resource collection system and one universal tactic “who has more tanks is right.” Today everything has changed. Cloned games, differing from each other only in the appearance of units, are tired of everything, and developers are forced to increase interest in their offspring with all kinds of innovations.
Stormregion has chosen not revolutionary yet, but not yet fully developed way of combining dynamic hot battle worthy of action hits with tactical command of units. At the same time, there is no collection of firewood, gold and oil, followed by the production of the above-mentioned ingredients from the brilliant chrome tanks, as a class. In the end, we are military commanders, not some Continue reading

Ground Control II

Recent gaming times on PCs have not been marked by an abundance of strategies. First-person shooters – as many as you want. 3d action even more. But strategies are few. And in general, it’s even understandable why: the strategy is a purely PC-genre genre (for the sake of fairness, let’s say that the consoles also have strategies, of course, but they are somewhat different there), but now they are concentrated like a lot of money in the console sector.

And everyone, of course, seeks to do something that can be ported to all conceivable gaming platforms. However, the PC market itself is also a very big thing, and there is room for frolic in it if the competition has subsided. And, taking advantage of the “pause of the genre”, Massive / Vivendi suddenly took, and threw it into the world: a strategy that Continue reading


Impressions of the game – and it comes out for both the PC and the Xbox (and the influence of the Xbox on this game is obvious) – turned out to be twofold. On the one hand, she perfectly beats her brutally epic entourage into that niche that should have been occupied by the so ingloriously slipping into the niche of “regular shooters” Warhammer 40.000: Fire Warrior. The megalomaniac plot, spectacular characters, a sense of power and scale simply overwhelm the initial screensavers. The game that began, left the first impressions of flickering chaos and a dank primitive imperfection, clearly unworthy of the good name Konami. However, if you play a little more, the severity of both positive and negative will decrease, the sensations will mix and fuse into a rather interesting cocktail. Continue reading

Lords of the Realm III

LotR is a very old brand, its roots are lost in the depths of the very dawn of the PC and games for it. Raising old rarities is now a ubiquitous matter, and so they begin to dig into layers of the most forgotten. Because LotR was always certainly good, but still not a cult 🙂 But the main goal was achieved nevertheless – I immediately want to turn the game with such a promising name in my hands. This is later, immersed in the gameplay, you understand that from the old content there is literally nothing left but the general atmosphere of what is happening. The third incarnation of the Lords is not the same feudal simulator that it used to be.

Now this is the usual three-dimensional real-time strategy … though not … not so ordinary.
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Hitman: Blood Money
A game like Hitman requires no introduction. This game attracts players thanks to its addictive gameplay. A simple task - to “remove the victim”, can drag on for several hours…


Crime Life: Gang Wars
You guessed it, the main focus of the game is on fights. And the emphasis is not pretty bad. If the limit of perfection for you is Mortal Kombat, then…


Ground Control II
Recent gaming times on PCs have not been marked by an abundance of strategies. First-person shooters - as many as you want. 3d action even more. But strategies are few.…


Crashday game review
And what developers did not promise ... In general, I advise you to bypass it. But today it will be a completely different game. The name of this game can…