Simulator of everything
The success story of Maxis studio began back in 1989 with the release of the first version of SimCity. The idea of ​​the game of endless construction was born by…

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<a href="" title="Easy Random Posts">Easy Random Posts</a>
All four multi-colored cars are at the start, scattered on random positions. Red light changes to green, a signal sounds and ... you immediately find yourself in the tail of…

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The Hobbit
It’s interesting, of course, how computer game building patterns prevail over the prototypes that they use to identify well-known brands and good memories :) Could Tolkien, thinking up his halflings,…

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save someone

Crashday game review

And what developers did not promise … In general, I advise you to bypass it. But today it will be a completely different game. The name of this game can be translated into Russian as “Day of Accidents.” Let’s see how reality corresponds to the name. And so, we meet today’s guest – the game “Crashday”.
Crashday game

System requirements

The game can be classified as a game with low resource intensity. Of the features – 1Gb of hard disk space and installed DirectX 9.0c.

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Hitman: Blood Money

A game like Hitman requires no introduction. This game attracts players thanks to its addictive gameplay. A simple task – to “remove the victim”, can drag on for several hours of the game only with the goal of a “clean” passage of the mission. In general, it’s not for me to tell you about a game like Hitman. I’d better tell you about the new part of this game – meet Hitman – Blood Money
Hitman – Blood Money

Test system

The game was tested on the following configuration: A64 2800+, 512Mb, AGP 128Mb GF 6600GT.

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War Times
Despite the fact that the publisher is the well-known edition of Strategy First smart toys - the young developer of War Times (and this is the Spanish company Legend Studios)…


Codename Panzers: Phase One
Didn’t pay attention how simple everything was before? There were quite specific genres with their canons. All that was required for the production of a solid product was to strictly…


Star Wars - Empire at War
System requirements The game can be classified as a medium-intensive games category. Of the features - 3Gb hard drive space and installed DirectX 9.0c. Notes Unfortunately, I came across the…


Blade and Sword
But this game - in general, lying in the same genre as the previous one - is just for those who are not interested in reading a lot of story…