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Worms 3-D

Worms … what a long story behind this name. At one time, the appearance of Worms seemed to sum up the whole subgenre – moving it from the weight category of “amateur games” to the category of “games made professionally.”

We are talking, of course, about the “shoot-out” genre, the founder of which was the game, where “on a plane, side cut” are two randomly separated hill of the castle (this was one of the first games in which two players could participate against each other) tried hit each other with gun shots – varying the angle and strength of the shot and making allowance for the wind.

The idea, to the delight of an enthusiastic audience, developed rapidly.

With the increase in the staff’s capabilities, the terrain became more complicated, the locks gradually became tanks (and there were significantly more than two of them – and, consequently, participating players), acquired the ability to move, defend themselves, and weapons became a lot of the most diverse (from lasers burning the ground to separable warheads, guidance systems and nuclear bombs), the soil itself has become actively destructible (conventional weapons, special weapons, and even indirectly – for example, crumbling as a result of a close explosion).

Worms 3-d
Those who want to more closely touch these hypermilitaristic mini-masterpieces will easily find, we think, where to download the recognized leaders of the “pre-worms” genre, so to speak, for the time being: Scorched Earth and Tankwars.

The first worms, at the same time triggering a mini-revolution in PC-shn “multiplayer on one screen” – completely removed all this military spirit, turned everything into Hochma, quite suitable for children and women, submitting violence with cartoonish sauce. And they added several of their own to many foreign discoveries (and many really good solutions of the “pioneers” didn’t enter this version) – in particular, the team’s game against the team (instead of single units in the predecessor games) and an advanced system of movement and defense (construction shields, burying underground – and they began to call the “game in dead defense” the “dark side style”).
Worms 3-d
In truth, the real cartoon came only from Worms-2 – which became even more “fun”, but essentially did not add interest to the gameplay. After that, the series, with all its crazy and deserved popularity, fell into obvious stagnation – pulling money from its fans with all kinds of extensions, additions and modifications.

And the competitors, meanwhile, began to stir – absolutely diamond in every sense could be called a completely three-dimensional rethinking of the concept, born in the form of Hogs of War (a completely playable product to this day, available in versions on the PC and the first Playstation), the synthesis of shootout looked very interesting and castle building (bequeathed, in general, to the unforgettable Rampart), proposed by the game Ballerburg (also with great multiplayer). It became clear that it was definitely fate for the Worms to go in three dimensions – or to be buried in history.
Worms 3-d
We waited a long time. They wondered what they would be, these new worms. What abyss of creativity will the legendary Team17 respond to pig-catapult insolence that encroach on their cash cow? The developer, meanwhile, published the first screenshot on the site in pieces … lured by the timing of the release of demos … now he plans to advertise his final with the help of star shows (not in our country, of course).

And finally, the terrible truth was revealed – at first in a two-disk, and now in a single-disk format – as it turned out, there is no creative at all. The authors preferred to completely ignore the challenges of the time, concentrating efforts on transferring their “tested” content to a three-dimensional environment. That is, they tried to preserve all the subtleties, all gadgets, all the sensations, the “murder weapon” and equipment – the same that they already proposed, minimizing the difference in perceptions.

From the point of view of commerce, this is probably the right step. But from the perspective point of view, it seems to us suicidal: now all the hiding competitors for the time being realize that Worms have become a monument to themselves – and crush the series with products that contain ideas, not traditions.
Worms 3-d
Moreover, the graphics do not look at all as magical as one might dream of (probably, there is also much to blame for the original multi-platform development of this development). Thinking about the technologies used in the game, it will become clear that the work was simply titanic – but outwardly it does not strike the eye at all.

The competing “magical bright worlds” – the same last Rayman, for example, not to mention many purely console projects – look much more attractive, more spectacularly caress their eyes. And the point here is inability or unwillingness – simply W3 paid serious (or maybe too serious) attention to the system of destructible terrain. As a result, the “three-dimensional islands” are really completely open to “combat terraforming” (any other game declaring “modifications” to one degree or another)

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